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Portable Sit-Up

Portable Sit-Up

Portable Sit-Up

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Product Description: 

This Portable Sit-Up is designed so that you can take it anywhere you go! This allows you to turn any room into a functional gym. This device is multifunctional allowing you to work out your chest, shoulders, back muscles, legs, abdominals, and glutes for a full-body workout anytime!


Feature and Benefits 


The sit-up trainer has a large rubber bottom that allows for powerful suction, without compromising flexibility or durability. You can set the device up effortlessly and can suction to a variety of different ground types. 



We designed our equipment with spring buckles that can adjust to three different heights and is perfect for men and women of any size.



Made of the most advanced natural latex tube suction technology on the bottom. The middle is made of strong steel. The top is designed with a high-density sponge, that’s both comfortable and durable. 



The device only weighs 1.5lbs, you can take it anywhere you go! It’s light, long-lasting, stable, never wobbles or slides, and can easily fit into a suitcase or gym bag. 



Exercise your chest, shoulder, back muscles, legs, abdominals, glutes, and your whole body!

How To Use:

  • Clean the surface of the floor 

  • Press the bottom of the device and push the switch to drain the air

  • Adjust the spring buckle to your desired height


Package Includes: 

  • 1 x Portable Sit-Up Device 

  • 1 x Resistance Band 

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