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Electric Wrench

Electric Wrench

Electric Wrench

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Product Description: 


This Electric Wrench is much more efficient than your average manual wrench! It’s equipped with a powerful motor that protects again machine damage caused by excess motor temperatures. Designed with a lithium-ion battery that allows for a fast and long-lasting charge. The wrench is engineered with a LED light that automatically illuminates when the device is in use. 





A strong torque system makes the device accurate without compromising power. Effective protection against machine damage caused by excessive motor temperatures. 



Large capacity lithium-ion battery, it’s easy to charge and has long-lasting battery life. The wrench can be fully charged in just one hour! 



Equipped with an LED work light that automatically illuminated when the wrench is in use making it easy to work in any environment. 



The perfect tool for truss installations, wedding constructions, car repairs, mechanical use, and much more!

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